Take One

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The night capsule for pretty skin, nails & hair


Stressed by ozone und UV-light skin needs beauty from within.
For tighter, softer skin: Vitamin C (for resilience) and Vitamin E (for cell protection) are contained in each TAKE ONE SPECIAL CAPSULE.
These special protection agents protect your cells from a faster degeneration due to „free radicals” on your neck, face and hands as well, naturally.

Millions of cells will be strengthened with TAKE ONE SPECIAL CAPSULES. So you get the suppleness for your skin so that it feels smoother.


Hair often lacks strength and protection. Fresh energy for strong and healthy hair: In the night capsules niacin (Vitamine B3) and Biotin (Vitamine H) help supply the energy to the cells.

Powerwirkstoffe für die Schönheit

Only when the cells of the scalp are healthy and are supplied well with blood can healthy and strong hair grow and develop its beauty. Less split ends and trouble with dull hair!


Often broken nails with unattractive grooves: The cause is too little nourishment! TAKE ONE SPECIAL CAPSULES have valuable minerals and calcium, important for smoother and harder nails.
Less grooves, less breaks! Finish with artificial nails that ruin the bed of the nails! The night capsules additionally have Evening Primrose Oil and Royal Jelly These are also called “Wellness Substances”.
They function as balancers, especially on critical days (…. and during the climacterium).

The night capsules are naturally brown. The Capsule shell is purely natural. It contains no coloring agents.