Gracia Novo mono

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Homoeopathic Slimming Drops With Fucus- the “Calorie Burner”

Is there a sensible and healthy answer to the question about your figure?

Indeed! The answer is:

Less is simply better.

With GRACIA Novo mono you have a medication that is biologically gentle and which works by use of a plant extract helping you to reduce weight and to remain slim intelligently.

In the case of overweight there are only two possibilities that help in the long term:

• Either eat less - whoever eats less, does more for

their figure

• Whoever burns more calories than he/she consumes

actually reduces weight.

Both methods are simply combined in the GRACIA Novo mono:


When the sudden craving comes upon you don´t reach for “the little snack in between” with lots of calories, because you reach for GRACIA Novo mono. You will notice how the appetite is reduced and the hungry feeling disappears!

GRACIA Novo mono slams down the brakes on the hungry craving.


You take 5 drops of GRACIA Novo mono in a glass of water or mineral water before each meal. The drops enter the stomach in the water directly, where the hungry feeling arises.

GRACIA Novo mono reduces the urge to eat more! GRACIA Novo mono contains the homoeopathic “calorie burner” Fucus. Before you go to bed take an additional 5 drops of GRACIA Novo mono in a glass of water. While you sleep peacefully and your body is relaxed your metabolism is geared up without your noticing. Extra calories are being burned unnoticeably.

Particularly practical: You can take GRACIA Novo mono everywhere and at all times with you. The herbal active substance Fucus in GRACIA Novo mono reduces the appetite and supports the metabolism. As long as you use GRACIA Novo mono you should avoid sweets and alcoholic drinks.

Most people don’t think enough about healthy diet.