Split nourishment – put simply

nourishment foodstuff

Split nourishment foodstuffs can be divided into 3 groups:

Group 1. Consists of food with mainly of protein contents, e.g.: meat, fish, eggs and different sorts of cheese

Group 2. Consists of foods with mostly carbohydrates, e.g.: potatoes, noodles, rice, bread

Group 3. Consists of more easily digested foods, e.g. salads, vegetables (raw or cooked), herbs, acidified milk products, certain sorts of cheese, nuts and seeds and are sometimes called “neutral foods” or “combi - foods”.

In split nourishment the protein rich foodstuffs and the carbohydrates are not taken together as part of a meal. But other foods of the “neutral” group can be consumed together combined with either the protein or the carbohydrate group.

Split Nourishment – so healthy

This harmonious combination of food types is not only conducive to weight reduction but it also relieves the digestive system, helps balance the insulin level and increasingly eliminates toxic wastes from the body.