Ursula Summ - split nourishment expert

Our Expert Ursula Summ

is Germany´s most well known expert on split nourishment and is the author of many books on the subject of split nourishment, published by TRIAS-Verlag. Parallel to her writing she also conducts seminars on the subject of healthy weight reduction.

On the subject of figuraflex she writes:

“Dear friends of split nourishment, Since 1978 I have dedicated myself to the theme of split nourishment for personal reasons. The simple reason is probably the same as what moves any of you, to reduce weight, stay slim and eat sufficient and healthy as well as to feel fit and well.

I found all that – always scientifically supported – in the modern split nourishment. We are all exposed to a stressful environment in our day-to-day life both in our working life and at home, we are under time-pressure and must nevertheless feed ourselves sufficiently and in a healthy manner.

So I am glad to welcome and support the new and unique figura flex split nourishment shakes offer which support and complement my thesis of split nourishment with all its important nutrients in a masterful way.

So follow our motto: Enjoy, feel well - reduce weight without hungering. Further information at www.trennkost.de

Cordially yours,

Ursula Summ