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It’s all so simple. The split-nourishment-program in the combination with the split nourishment shakes is composed of a breakfast, two meals in between and two main meals. One or two of these meals consist of figura flex-split nourishment shakes. The other meals you make up yourself on the basis of split nourishment. Here are some tips.

The interesting thing about it is that you don’t have to obey a strict diet plan, but you can decide for yourself which meals you would like to replace with a shake. There are 6 trendy and tasty shake variations to choose from.

• 2 Protein – shakes:
Vanilla-taste and Cranberry-Cherry-taste

• 2 Carbohydrate – shakes:
Banana-Apricot-taste and Chocolate-Coffee-taste

• 2 Neutral – shakes:
Vegetable-taste and Blueberry-taste

Each of these shakes offers a wholesome meal, with the valuable contents produced according to international quality standards. Each shake supplies on average only 220 kcal and nevertheless contains all the vital nutrients including vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In this way you can replace your daily breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch meal, mid-afternoon snack or the evening meal.

It´s so easy:

Mix a bag-portion of protein with vanilla taste or cranberry-cherry taste into 250 ml of cold milk or soya milk.

Mix a carbohydrate- bag-portion with banana-apricot taste or chocolate-coffee taste into 300 ml soya milk or into oat milk or rice milk.

Mix the neutral-bag-portion with blueberry taste into 300 ml.

Mix the neutral-bag-portion of vegetable soup into 300 ml hot water.


Can I reduce weight with carbohydrate-shakes?

Of course!

We´ll tell you how.

Carbohydrates have received a bad reputation in recent years as fat makers. Unjustly so.

Carbohydrates are our energy suppliers. They supply the brain and muscles with the right energy fuel and so are the basis for all our bodily activity.

Question: Why are they called fat makers?

Answer: Carbohydrates in the form of potatoes, noodles, rice or bread alone don´t make a person fat, but rather slim. This is proven by the various diets based on these foods. Only in combination with the proteins that are harder to digest do they become a cause of fatness.

The reason: Mixed food diets often raises the blood sugar levels unnecessarily, which leads to a higher secretion of insulin. Insulin is, as we know today, a key substance for the production of new fatty tissue. With the tasty carbohydrate-shakes you don´t even get tempted to mix these with the hard to digest proteins.