figura it-girl

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To reduce weight by Glucomannan

Plus - a well-stabilized appearance of skin and hair by biotin

• Smooth, sleek skin

• full, strong, shiny hair

• beautiful, strong nails

Reduce weight + radiant beauty with figura It Girl

Figura It Girl Plus capsules are saturation capsules for weight reduction plus radiant beauty from the inside! It is a dietary supplement that is exclusively available in pharmacies. The active ingredient glucomannan can engage in regulating the metabolism and provides derailed, taken before meals, for a fast and long-lasting feeling of saturation so that less food is consumed.

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The added nutrients counteract a lack of nutrients and provide a stabilized appearance of skin and hair.

Figura It Girl is available in two pack sizes: 60 capsules / 180 capsules

Ingredients: Glucomannan - biotin, silica and millet extract

Nutritional information per daily (6 capsules)

Biotin: 450 µg (900% RDA*)

Glucomannan: 3000 mg

Millet extract: 120 mg

Silicia: 180 mg

*% RDA = Percentage of the recommended daily allowance