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Team, Figura Pharma

figuraPHARMA GmbH & Co. KG comprises a team with over 30 years experience in dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. After careful and comprehensive preparation we have developed unique split nutrition shakes for targeted weight reduction, for bodily wellbeing and simply for more vitality .


The basis was the exceptionally successful product marketed for years, which we have re-developed according to the latest information from nourishment science and adapted the taste to the times we live in. We thus now have 6 different attractive and tasty shakes on the basis of split nourishment.


They are all rich in dietary fiber, contain all the vital vitamins and nutrients and can each more than replace a mealtime. Thus the way to your dream figure is made easier.


A planned nourishment, supported by the flexible substitute meal with our figura flex split nutrition shakes, replaces the frustrating counting of calories and gives a tasty meal beyond that.


With figura flex split nutrition shakes the delightful way for nourishment- weight reduction without having to fast.


Your Figura Flex Team